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Dynata Acquires CrowdLab, Expanding Research & Insights Opportunities for Brands to Connect with Consumers

Dynata, the world's largest first-party data, and insights platform announced the acquisition of CrowdLab, an innovative digital ethnography solution for capturing in-the-moment consumer opinions, attitudes, and trends in a multiple award-winning digital platform. The acquisition will expand Dynata's qualitative research capabilities within the Dynata Insights Platform, helping brands develop a more comprehensive picture of their markets and customers by linking specific behaviors with the experiences that drive them. For…

Dynata Launches New Platform to Transform the Future of Insights and Marketing

Dynata Insights Platform Will Integrate Market Research with Advertising Solutions for the First Time Dynata, the world's leading provider of fully-permissioned first-party data, has launched an end-to-end platform to simplify every step in the insights lifecycle, from audience selection, survey creation, to analytics and reporting. The initial launch is part of a two-phase roll-out that will integrate market research, advertising and marketing solutions into one connected platform. Brands and their partners…