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For Highly Reputable Senders, 91 Percent of Emails Reach Their Intended Audience—Compared to 70 Percent or Less for All Other Senders

New Research From Return Path Shows Sender Reputation and Email Deliverability Are Tightly Linked Email data solutions provider Return Path released its 2019 Sender Score Benchmark. Using comprehensive data from Sender Score and Return Path’s Reputation Network, this annual report provides expert analysis and insights on how reputation impacts inbox placement for commercial email senders. “Sender reputation offers unique insight into the source of each email, making it a key factor in those filtering decisions.” Based…

Why Bot-Driven Email Data Solutions are Problematic

Google will stop all third-party use of Gmail inbox data to inform an email data staple called “panel data” on March 31. For the uninitiated, much to the frustration of privacy-minded individuals, email panel data broke down behaviors of real people and provide information about email engagement, activity and success. The loss of Gmail’s data is especially problematic for vendors who rely on panel data for recipient and engagement information, despite its known shortcomings. They need a new way to provide comparable…