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Helen Cartwright

The 15-Minute Social Media Makeover

“I haven’t got the time to become a social media mogul overnight!” You’ve set up a blog for your business, you’ve created an Instagram account, a Facebook page and a Twitter — that’s all the boxes ticked, it should only be a matter of time before you break the internet a la Kim K, right? Unfortunately, social media success does not come that easily. Sure, 8.3 million people (the equivalent of the entire population of London in 2015) have decided that they just weren’t getting enough exposure to felines IRL and,…

Why Millennials Gravitate Towards Minimalistic Branding

While doing business, the design of your website is a key factor that you ought to look into. This is mainly because if the business lacks its website design, many people may just decide not to carry out business with you. research has revealed that a large percentage of the people in business rely on the website design to determine the credibility of the particular business. The research has also revealed that the manipulation of a simple website is better compared to the use of complex websites. There are several…