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Associations with No Place to Meet Are Turning to JUNO, A Live and On-Demand Digital Platform

JUNO is pleased to announce the only all-in-one, live, and on-demand learning platform utilizing four human motivators to engage users and maximize the value of their experience. Gone are the days of multiple platforms, contracts, and vendors to secure ongoing engagement and learning with members. JUNO was built for a post-COVID-19 reality. Greater strain and tighter budgets require a flexible solution to handle the New Normal and beyond. Marketing Technology News: Acoustic Recognized as a Multichannel Marketing Hubs…

Interview with Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Founder, Conductor

"Technologies need to help marketers understand the entire picture - from a customer’s perspective."Tell us about your role and how you got here? What galvanized you to start an organic marketing company? It started out over ten years ago as a side project. I was working on launching an online therapy business, and a friend and I helped companies with SEO for a few extra thousand bucks a month. Then one morning I got a call from Vonage, the phone company, saying they wanted to spend $50k a month with us. I was still…