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Justin Lau

Digital Authority Partners and Mixpanel Announce Partnership: Improving Business Through Advanced Analytics Strategies

Digital Authority Partners, a full-service digital agency, has announced a strategic, certified partnership with Mixpanel, the world's leading product analytics platform. Together, Digital Authority Partners and Mixpanel will bring even more robust analytics solutions to enterprise clients across industries. This newly announced partnership is another prime example of Mixpanel's commitment to its customers. By joining forces with Digital Authority Partners, Mixpanel's customers will reap the benefits of an expanding…

Mixpanel Launches Solution Partners Initiative to Foster a Data-Centric Community

Continuing Its Focus to Help the World Learn from Its Data, Mixpanel Is Building an International Ecosystem of Agencies and Consultancies to Drive Analytics Excellence Mixpanel, the world's leading user analytics platform, announced the launch of its Solution Partners initiative. This program empowers a network of analytics experts from around the globe to deliver growth strategies and technical resources to Mixpanel's 26,000 plus customers. Mixpanel's Solution Partner program delivers training programs, support…