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Video on Demand Services Are Driving Tremendous Growth

The popularity of Video on Demand (VOD) streaming services is driving tremendous growth and the space just keeps getting hotter. Digital advertisers can learn a lot from how VOD providers have managed to scale their audience with varying degrees of success. A recent ONS survey shows that close to half of all adults said they had watched Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime Video or a similar internet-based service over the past three months. It’s clear that more people are moving away from traditional TV services, preferring to…

Cross-Channel Attribution and How to Cut Through the Noise

Research by Econsultancy/Google shows that 76 percent of all marketers currently use marketing attribution or will use it in the next 12 months, yet only 17 percent say they are looking at the performance of all their digital channels together. While attribution models were created to help advertisers determine which sources are driving value and to avoid double counting conversions, there are so many competing models — first-touch, last-click non-direct, linear, time-decayed — that it can leave advertisers feeling dazed and…