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Maxime Chevallon

Looking Forward: What Will 2020 Bring for Digital Advertising?

Over the last ten years, digital advertising has come a very long way. At the turn of 2010, we were only beginning to see the very early potential of video ads, we weren’t quite aware of the impact that social media would have on the industry and mobile phones were soon to introduce a new wave of digital advertising. Since then, we’ve seen digital ads and the technologies that power them continue to mature, as consumers become ever more conscious of not only being bombarded by flurries of irrelevant content, but also of…

3 Ways Brands Can Win Black Friday with Digital Ads

Black Friday is one of the biggest days in the retail calendar, and for good reason. Every year, the post-thanksgiving sale brings in more and more attention, and with that, revenue. However, with the ever-growing reliance on the digital world, we are seeing a significant shift towards online sales. In 2018, while footfall in shops dropped by 5.4% on November 28 compared to 2017, online sales skyrocketed by 46%. This isn’t so great for the high street, but it offers a huge opportunity for retailers and their digital…