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Engagement Labs Conducts The 2020 Sunday Big Game Sponsorship Study For Fortune 500 Brand

Engagement Labs Inc. announced that it has signed a contract to conduct a TotalSocial® 2020 Big Game Evaluation Study for a Fortune 500 brand to assess the impact of the brand marketer's Big Game advertising and sponsorship activities.  The study is a part of the Engagement Labs ongoing work in sponsorship evaluation and will measure the effectiveness during the upcoming NFL championship game on February 2. The Client's program is valued at CAD $79,500. "Most Big Game advertisers say that generating 'buzz' is a key…

NFL Tipsters Take on the 2020 Super Bowl – Multibrands

Super Bowl LIV is Just Around the Corner And Has the Perfect Guide for All Sports Bettors out There On Sunday, February 2nd, about 100 million Americans will get in front of the TV to watch who will be crowned champions of the Super Bowl LIV. The grand NFL final is by far the biggest US sports event, and the biggest also when it comes to sports betting."The 2020 Super Bowl is largely a tale of contrasts, of opposites, and of very different philosophies with individually successful results. Both teams feature…