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Plingo Media announces Robert Seolas, co-founder of ObservePoint to join its Board of Directors

Plingo Media is thrilled that Robert Seolas will join the Board of Directors, adding his experience and industry expertise to its unique technology Plingo Media Inc. welcomes Robert Seolas to its Board of Directors as its newest board member. Mr. Seolas has been the CEO and is a Co-founder of ObservePoint. He currently serves on their Board of Directors. ObservePoint is an automated platform built to validate and optimize digital marketing technologies. Robert has been responsible for setting vision, strategy, go-to-market…

State of Digital Marketing Analytics in Top 1000 U.S. Retailers Report Shows Multi-Platform Adoption, Continued Growth

Cardinal Path has published its annual State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 1000 Internet Retailers report for 2018, uncovering analytics maturity and marketing technology adoption across the top 1000 U.S. online retailers. This year's report finds that many -and a growing number- of organizations have deployed multiple parallel solutions across analytics, tag management, testing, optimization & personalization, and data management platforms as they continue to optimize and streamline their marketing…