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Full Stream Ahead! Your 2020 Guide to Cord-cutting

How VPN Puts You on the Fast Track In today’s dynamic, content-rich digital world, asserting control of your cyberspace is key. Whether you’re concerned about privacy from censorship or just want the freedom to binge-watch entire seasons of The Office from anywhere, a VPN subscription is just the ticket.  Before we go over how a VPN lets you go full stream ahead and overcome any pesky geo blocking tactics, let’s take a closer look at what a VPN does and how it operates. What is VPN and How Does it Work? Traditionally,…

Infringement of Privacy Rights in the Digital Age

Privacy in the digital age is a hot topic at the moment. After a honeymoon period, people are starting to realize how much of their data is stored digitally, and what the consequences can be. If you’re active online, chances are your full name, identification number, addresses, phone number, credit card details, etc. are stored online somewhere. On top of an invasion of privacy, if someone accesses this data, it can leave you vulnerable to further attacks. Your finances, relationships, and even your future can be at…