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Rufus Leonard

How to Deliver the Experiences the CMO Craves Through the Robust Systems the CIO Needs

In today’s world, connected, consistent and differentiated experiences are born from closely aligned Marketing functions and technology teams. The collaborative relationship between a CMO and a CIO is crucial and has increasingly become a hot topic. Forrester recently stated that a CMO’s collaboration with a CIO is one of the four essential steps for a CMO planning their marketing evolution. While, according to ‘2019 State of the CIO’ research, 55% of CIOs are spending more time learning about customer needs as a way to…

Four Bot-User Interactions You Should Consider Before Launching an Infant Chatbot

Well, We Weren’t Expecting That! During her recent London Fashion Week catwalk show, Victoria Beckham got more than she bargained for. Amidst rumors of a divorce from her husband, David Beckham, Victoria launched an automated Facebook messenger app — ‘Victoria’ bot — for her fashion line. What she didn’t bank on was her fans using the bot to interrogate her marriage, personal life and even her views on politics. Not only that, but the automated bot only seemed to confirm suspicions that the Beckhams were on rocky roads and…