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Scott Horn

[24] Offers Apple Business Chat to Help Clients Meet Customers Where They Are

To offer conversational and transactional chat and chatbot support to consumers across Apple iOS devices worldwide, a global leader in intent-driven customer engagement solutions, today announced its customers are now able to use¬†Apple Business Chat, a new way for users to communicate directly with businesses using the Messages app on iPhone and iPad. "We are proud to support Apple Business Chat, which offers a powerful, engaging new way for businesses to connect with their customers where they are, and when they…

[24]7 AIVA Becomes First Virtual Agent with Emotional Intelligence

Advanced Conversational Capabilities Now Enable 7 AIVA to Detect Sentiment and Respond Empathetically to Customers, a global leader in intent-driven customer engagement solutions, announced the addition of advanced conversational capabilities to its AI-powered virtual agent 7 AIVA. With this announcement 7 AIVA is now the first virtual agent to possess emotional intelligence, the ability to detect user emotion during interactions, acknowledge it and respond empathetically. This new capability is part of the…