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Theresa O’Neil

The B2B Salesman Isn’t Dead: Only 30 Percent Of Business Buyers Prefer To Conduct Research On Their Own

Showpad’s “The New B2B Buyer Experience” Study Finds That a Skilled Salesperson Armed with Engaging, Interactive Content Experiences Is Best Positioned to Succeed in Increasingly Digital B2B Buyer Journeys The world of B2B sales has evolved. The average path to purchase is increasing in length, buyers are more informed than ever, and more stakeholders are involved in every purchase. However, according to the New B2B Buyer Experience report by Showpad, the leading sales enablement platform for modern sellers, this evolution…

How Sales Can Shake The Dust Off And Re-Engage With Customers

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the “Mad Men” of Madison Avenue were innovators in a new era. A new consumer class helped the post-World War II economy boom, emerging mass media like television brought brands into living rooms, and optimism was on the rise. All of these factors modernized the advertising industry and helped launch most of the global brands we know today. More than half a century later, advertising is global, but not as glamorous. While new technologies have transformed selling, consumers have become smarter…