Autentica Announces Its Official Launch and $1.2M Pre-seed Funding to Develop Cross-Chain Certifying Technology for NFTS

Autentica, a Swiss technology startup, announces its official launch and pre-seed investment of $1.2 million, ensuring the company can continue the development of its cross-chain certifying technology for NFTs.

The company provides proprietary authentication technology, enabling digital creators to transform their artworks into authentic NFTs without exposing themselves to fraudulent use or duplicates. Autentica has created a 3-dimensional ecosystem to help users create, buy and sell NFTs. The framework consists of proprietary authentication technology, the NFT marketplace and $AUT token.

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The team consists of 18 developers, marketing and sales specialists who have previous experience in companies like Bloomberg, Lego and Deutsche Bank. The team has built this cross-chain certifying technology with direction from the founding team of three industry experts. “The potential risks which are part of exchanging digital assets cannot be ignored. Before purchasing a digital item such as an NFT, consumers should have easy access to tools and data that allow them to conduct proper due diligence, to avoid buying a duplicate or a piece of art from an abandoned collection. That’s why we created Autentica Certification, a software that allows everyone to get a detailed report about any NFT in seconds. The report is based on millions of data points that analyze duplicates based on the content’s checksum, similar NFTs using machine learning models and k-NN, as well as many other features,” said Artur Grigor, CEO & Co-Founder of Autentica.

The pre-seed investment was raised from private investors, and the company has announced a $5 million private token sale round beginning 15th July 2022. For NFT traders and artists interested in joining the waiting list, visit

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