Jama Connect® 8.71 Exceeds All Published SaaS Performance and Scale Benchmarks within the Requirements Management and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Space

#1 in scale, concurrent users, response times, global usage, and interoperability

Jama Software, the leading requirements management solution provider, announced performance benchmarks that set a new standard for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) used by engineering teams for complex product development. Specifically, Jama Connect® 8.71 surpasses all published performance and scale benchmarks for SaaS in the Requirements Management (RM) /Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) space. SaaS adoption among complex product engineering teams has historically lagged other areas of the enterprise due to the security and technical immaturity of hosted products from legacy vendors. Jama Connect is the first enterprise-grade SaaS product in the RM/PLM space and outperforms other SaaS solutions as well as legacy desktop and client-server offerings in use today.

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Legacy tool vendors in the requirements management and engineering space market their offerings as multi-tenant SaaS, however, the majority of the time, they deploy hosted single instance applications per customer and compare themselves to old-school server metrics, instead of user-based, SaaS performance standards.

Jama Connect is measured against user-focused standards in a multi-tenant, SaaS environment. Specific SaaS scale and performance records achieved include:

  • 21,000 concurrent cloud users
  • 16ms First Input Delay (FID) response times
  • 245 million individual requirement items under management in the cloud
    – 35 million items per region, across seven global regions
  • Over 65 million cloud API service requests per month
  • Daily users spanning 82 countries

Together, these statistics demonstrate that Jama Connect not only sets the standard for Requirements Management delivered via SaaS but also sets the standard for any SaaS tool in the RM/PLM space.

“The poor performance of legacy attempts at ‘hosted’ solutions has led to SaaS hesitancy,” said Josh Turpen, Jama Software’s CPO. “The continued, market leading SaaS scale and performance of Jama Connect has broken through this hesitancy and led to rapid global adoption and usage.”

Jama Connect 8.71 was released on March 4th, 2022, and all cloud customers and users were seamlessly upgraded as part of our regular SaaS deployment. For more details on how your team can experience Jama Connect’s user-oriented performance and scale.

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