Mux Launches Real-Time Streaming Dashboard to Help Engineers Address Issues Immediately When Live Streaming Content

For Video Publishers to Stay Competitive, They Need to Offer a Superior Experience

Mux, a leader in streaming video solutions, is announcing the launch of their Real-Time Streaming Dashboard to help video engineers and product managers detect live stream issues in real-time. Streaming is on the rise in every industry, with even small businesses and individual, independent creators trying to develop stronger video followings. Mux’s video API helps these creators deliver Netflix-like streaming quality without the highly-trained engineering teams usually needed to do so.

At the time of this announcement, Mux co-founder and CEO Jon Dahl, said, “We want to give our customers state-of-the-art analytics that helps them act quickly on issues that affect their viewers, from the smallest glitches to major outages.”

Jon added, “Audiences have so many choices over where they can devote their attention, so for video publishers to stay competitive, they need to offer a superior experience. A Real-Time Streaming Dashboard puts the most meaningful performance data at their fingertips instantly, so they can stay ahead of issues.

With theReal-Time Streaming Dashboard, creators can exact more precise quality control over their streams and “treat it before [viewers] Tweet it.” Recent high-profile outages, like YouTube’s during the World Cup, have highlighted the importance of real-time performance tracking to trigger rapid response.

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Dashboards claiming to be “real-time” are often only so in name and surface only the latest performance analytics to video managers and engineers. Mux’s new dashboard guarantees real-time data acquisition and aggregates trends over time for more accurate impact analysis. Paired with Mux’s Viewer Experience Metrics, video publishers now have a more discernable view of how performance issues directly affect the viewer experience.

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