ContentArmor Session-Based Watermarking Collaborates with castLabs Video Toolkit

ContentArmor and castLabs Will Collaborate on Session-Based Watermarking for OTT Content

ContentArmor is a leading forensic watermarking vendor who has announced a collaboration with castLabs, the global pioneer in premium digital video technology. The collaboration highlights the integration between session-based watermarking coupled with castLabs’ video toolkit for IFE (In-Flight) Deployments and OTT content.

ContentArmor’s session-based watermarking is used by streaming service providers and studios to battle against video piracy. ContentArmor’s technology enables tracking down piracy, right from the source and down to individual user accounts or specific streaming sessions, thus being a powerful barrier. The video forensic watermarking of ContentArmor is impenetrable to a variety of modifications to the content, right from screen captures to simple coding.

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castLabs pioneers in cloud and software services for digital video markets worldwide. Solutions provided by castLabs enable playback of DRM-secured premium-based content which can be played over a large selection of platforms and consumer devices for high-quality video experiences. castLab’s range of services and applications include DRMtoday licensing and a video tool processing kit among others.

Alain Durand, CEO at ContentArmor says, “Our joint solution with castLabs addresses the security needs of content providers and distributors for various markets such as Live OTT and VOD. In IFE environments, the ability to perform on-the-fly watermarking is especially compelling for airlines and their system integrators as it reduces drastically their operating costs.”

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Michael Stattman, CEO at castLabs says, “Combating video piracy is a pressing issue for all stakeholders involved in video distribution, and we’re pleased that this integration with ContentArmor technologies gives castLabs customers a wider range of tools to help them keep their content secure.”

ContentArmor SAS is a privately-owned French company that is the leading global provider of content protection technologies for the media industry. ContentArmor’s Video Watermarking solution results in blitz-fast embedding due to modifications that occur to the bitstream directly. ContentArmor’s two-step video watermarking algorithm integrates at any point of the distribution chain thus being functional in even low-computing devices such as tablets, smart-phones, and set-top boxes.
The secure and embedded forensic watermarking is based on premium content distribution along with production.

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