VideoProc Annual Review 2021: New Video Editing Software, 4K, HDR, and More

VideoProc of Digiarty Software is looking back on the big events throughout the past year, including the debut of VideoProc Vlogger, the rename of VideoProc Converter, and more.

Starting the new year right in 2022, the VideoProc Team of Digiarty Software is looking back on the big events throughout the past year. The highlights include the debut of the new free video editing software, VideoProc Vlogger, the rename of VideoProc, and the improvements in 4K, HDR, and 10-bit HEVC technologies.

The scale of the group has expanded. A new Video Production Team has been added, based on the previous R&D, Marketing, and UI teams. More video tutorials will be made to give users more direct access to understand products.

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Besides, two big events happened to the VideoProc products.

Firstly, Digiarty was pushing out VideoProc Vlogger, a new-generation video editing software that can stack up against other similar products. Most of all, it is completely free of charge, without any watermark or limitation. Although new, it is almost full-fledged, smooth, and stable. Especially, it has advanced features even some paid editing software does not provide.

  • Speed ramping: Through the 20+ speed presets and the direct control of Bezier Curves, users can change video speed without hassle.
  • Motion effects: The Motion feature helps fake camera movement where a user can add a camera effect that would control the zoom, scale, rotation, and other transformations of the video.
  • Color & LUTs: With vivid LUTs and color options, VideoProc Vlogger assists in making professional-level color grading and correction in a few clicks.
  • Independent and visualized audio editing panel: It has an Analyzer for the beat, onset, and silence detection, and Equalizer to highlight sound quality, sound effects with different filters, and audio waveforms for easier editing.

Secondly, the previous VideoProc for one-stop video processing has been renamed to VideoProc Converter such that it can serve and function differently from the new editor. The converter will focus on video/audio conversion, along with compression, downloads, recording, DVD ripping, and 4K/HDR video processing. In the future, it will even play the role of preprocessing, facilitating more efficient editing. Besides, it will continue to include new features and revamp the performance of existing functions, making it the trump card under the VideoProc brand.

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There were many technological improvements in VideoProc Vlogger and VideoProc Converter in 2021.

For VideoProc Vlogger, the latest version 1.3 released on December 23, become more fluid even when editing 4K videos natively, without making Proxies; the build has added Fade In and Fade Out effects to the Text feature and made the editing on Text Inspector more convenient. In addition, the 4K video editor has made some other achievements:

  • Natively supported Apple Mac M1, and the new M1 Pro and M1 Max.
  • Added 11 templates in Effects to add borders, make split-screen videos, and so on.
  • Added 25/50/100 FPS in Project settings for NTSC countries using 60Hz frequency.
  • Included GoPro HERO10 profile in Lens Distortion Correction.
  • Translated UI in 9 languages in total, realizing localization in most countries.

For VideoProc Converter, the market positioning has become clear. The improvements aimed at compatibility and stability.

  • Embraced the new Operating Systems and devices, including Windows 11, macOS 12 Monterey, Apple new iPhone 13/Pro/Pro Max/mini, etc.
  • Added a new feature to estimate the output video size.
  • Improved the processing speed of 4K, HDR, and 10-bit videos under NVIDIA and AMD GPU acceleration.

“We are in the ‘Big Video Era’ when the amount of videos has increased dramatically day by day. And the competition is becoming fierce. It brings us both challenges and opportunities. We are fully prepared and will surely bring surprises to our new and old customers in the coming years. Just stay tuned!” Says Jack Han, CEO of Digiarty Software.

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