Voicify Releases Third Major Update Bringing Conditional Logic, Implicit & Explicit Personalization, a Marketplace & Preconfigured Voice UX Flows to Marketers’ Fingertips

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Voicify has released the third major update to the platform since its inception in 2017. Voicify 3.0 is notable in its delivery of features that fully categorize it as an enterprise solution, sitting within the ecosystem of digital platforms responsible for managing the customer experience.

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In 3.0, Voicify enables brands to engage customers as individuals through personalization and connectivity to systems like CRM, PIM, CMS etc. Conditional logic available within Voicify ranges from simple session information (first time versus returning) to specific user data (like transaction history).

Alex Dunn, Principal Architect of Voicify explains, “Our guiding light is to build tools that empower brands and marketers to connect to customers. As our platform and voice channels evolved, we knew that voice assistant interactions which were personal would be more valuable, so it’s critical Voicify owns that functionality to empower CX managers and marketers.”

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Additionally, Voicify makes it easier for brands to get started in voice with the advent of VUX (Voice User Experience) Spark Templates. Spark is the componentry of Voicify that allows for the templatization of conversation flows that may be re-usable into an even simpler UI.

“We did an inventory of conversations with prospects and customers over the years and determined the most requested conversation flows,” states Jeff McMahon, CEO. He continues, “With Voice being a new muscle for many brands, we felt a responsibility to abstract the most valuable conversations they may have with customers – where is my order, find a location, campaign landers – into a quick, form-based process.”

To further support quick and simple voice app spin up, Voicify created a marketplace where VUX Spark Templates and Integrations are available to be added to customer voice apps. This release establishes well over 100 major features to the platform and is immediately accessible to the over 3,000 voice apps on the platform.

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