Cinchy Study Details How Dataware Eliminates Data Integration and Revolutionizes Application Development and Analytics

Cinchy, the dataware vendor that’s changing the way organizations work with data, released “The Rise of Dataware: An Integration-Minimizing Approach to Data Architecture,” an analyst report that highlights a fundamental shift in data management. It focuses on an architectural approach that redefines the relationship between data and applications, eliminates the need for data integration, and ends data silos. The study, by Eckerson Group, differentiates dataware from approaches to data centralization—such as data warehouses and data lakes—and illustrates how decoupling data from software enables organizations to support the creation of “autonomous data” to deliver significant business benefits.

Analyst report released by @itscinchy and @EckersonGroup covers the rise of #dataware. A fundamental shift in #datamanagement, the approach redefines the relationship between data and applications, eliminates #dataintegration and ends #datasilos.

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The report notes, “So many of the tools we use today focus on bringing data together from multiple applications, but, with dataware, the data is never separated to begin with.” With widespread acceptance “it will flip the data industry on its head.”

The report shows how after decades of allowing software to fracture data and then tasking data teams to put the pieces back together, the market needs a unified model of data from the beginning. Dataware does just that: It creates a shared data layer for applications that also provides a foundation for analytics. The report notes, “Just as software liberated form from function, enabling the same hardware to perform multiple tasks, dataware liberates data from code.”

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