Here is How to Collect Web Data Smartly and for Free — Listly

Here is how to collect web data smartly and for free — Listly

Listly announced it has offered its basic functionalities for free.

Listly, a Seoul-based startup offering an integrated web data solution, announced it has offered its basic functionalities for free.

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Listly is a browser extension that can take away the pain of data collection and cleaning by converting a web page into a standard Excel format. It can be easily installed on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and its free 1 Page-1 Excel service is unlimited, so anyone can use it without login.

As compared to its competitors, the service boasts its powerful algorithm to scrape websites with different, complex structures and helps collect multiple web pages into a single Excel spreadsheet. It also enables to schedule and automate data collection with its paid business tier.

The company has secured pre-seed funding from investors including Strong Ventures, Primer Sazze Partners, and Primer while being trusted by more than 60,000 professionals worldwide for e-commerce, real estate, research data collection.

Listly’s founder and CEO, Changmin Choi, added that he expects any professionals in marketing, distribution, sales, and research to reduce time spent on repetitive work and focus more on what really matters to them

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