Identité® awarded a patent for Full Duplex Authentication®

Identité® awarded USPTO patent #11,245,526 for Full-Duplex Authentication® which prevents online fraud, phishing and impersonation attacks on users.

Identité, a company founded by a team of security and enterprise software veterans who believe that authentication should be simple and secure for all users – without passwords, has been awarded USPTO Patent #11,245,526 for Full-Duplex Password-less Authentication.

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The flagship offering from Identité, NoPass™ is a passwordless authentication offering that enables enterprises to authenticate workers and consumers simply and securely. With a simple look, click or a tap, online users are taken through at least three factors of authentication – something they know, something they have, and something they are. The security is enhanced by Full Duplex Authentication®, which not only authenticates a user’s digital token, but it requires the server to authenticate to a user before exposing the user’s token. This essentially eliminates phishing, impersonation and “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.

“We built Full Duplex Authentication® into all our clients’ devices and applications so that they are not bound to any single device or browser if they want passwordless authentication”, says John P. Hertrich, CEO at Identité. “Our patent for Full-Duplex Password-less Authentication also includes a visual confirmation for the user by allowing them to confirm login by comparing a simple picture and a number. This is easier and more secure than OTP methods that require a user to type a 6-8 character code. This is simple authentication for anyone and as secure as the strongest authentication in use today.”

The NoPass™ product family includes NoPass for Consumer and NoPass for Employee. The employee offering provides MFA starting at 2 dollars a user per month, and has simple integration tools that connects to Active Directory, Azure, VPN’s, RDP Gateways, SSO services and more. NoPass is sold through direct contract, authorized resellers or on the AWS Marketplace and is available for deployment on premise and in the cloud.

The authentication server is paired with an app or client on the user’s device(s) such that the credentials are kept safely on the trusted user device(s). Multiple factors of authentication, including a biometric, are executed with the end user only being burdened with a look, click or a tap. The user is protected from impersonators, fake websites, and phishing attacks with Full Duplex Authentication. NoPass for Consumer includes API’s and an SDK which can be integrated into a company’s web portal and/or mobile app to enable passwordless authentication. NoPass for Employee operates as an identity broker linked to existing authentication systems to enable MFA or as a passwordless MFA tool. In an enterprise environment, the MFA tool can reauthorize access for sensitive operations.

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