IRONSCALES Announces GA of GPT-Powered Spear Phishing Simulations: A Game-Changer in Email Security Employee Awareness

The groundbreaking generative AI solution helps overburdened security teams bridge the gap between immediate training needs and mounting time, resource limitations

IRONSCALES, the AI-powered email security leader protecting 13,000 global customers from advanced phishing attacks, announced the General Availability (GA) of its game-changing GPT-powered Phishing Simulation Testing solution. This innovative capability, now available to IRONSCALES Complete Protect customers, marks a significant advancement in the ease, efficacy and accessibility of cybersecurity training and awareness.

“The new GPT-powered training feature from IRONSCALES has completely revolutionized the way our team approaches cybersecurity training”

In Verizon’s 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report, researchers found that the median time for users to click on a phishing simulation link is just 21 seconds, while the median time to submit sensitive data to simulated phishing sites was just 28 seconds. What’s more, the report found that human error still factors into over 68% of all successful breaches.

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Together, these stats point to a glaring need for more relevant and realistic training and testing. However, creating personalized phishing simulation campaigns has always been time-consuming and challenging, particularly at scale. Moreover, a recent survey of cybersecurity leaders found that some 59% of teams are understaffed. The new GPT-powered training addresses these problems by using advanced AI to automate and optimize the process. This not only saves time for security teams but also ensures comprehensive training for employees, equipping them to recognize and respond to sophisticated, targeted phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attempts.

“The new GPT-powered training feature from IRONSCALES has completely revolutionized the way our team approaches cybersecurity training,” said Elliot Franklin, CISO at Fortitude Re. “Instead of a generic phishing email that is pretty easy to spot during a simulation test, my users were really challenged with this tool, which helps them to remain vigilant. As a CISO, it gives me the extra confidence to know who is truly aware of all the elements of a sophisticated phishing email — things such as domain, hyperlinked text vs. URL, etc. — compared to users who may need additional training and support. I appreciate how seamlessly we can deploy phishing simulation testing, saving my team valuable time, while increasing the knowledge of our employees, and the general state of awareness of our organization.”

The new GPT-powered training leverages PhishLLM™, a proprietary large language model developed by IRONSCALES and trained on millions of data points crowdsourced from the company’s vast community of users. This technology enables the creation of highly personalized and socially engineered spear phishing simulation campaigns at an unprecedented scale and speed.

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Key features include:

  • The ability to generate up to 2,000 spear phishing email simulations in just one hour, significantly reducing preparation time;
  • A wide variety of templates with different introductions and closings, enhancing the realism and variability of simulations;
  • A streamlined process for setting up campaigns, saving security teams time in the creation and execution of employee testing initiatives.

This launch is the latest in a series of GPT-powered innovations from IRONSCALES, including the company’s game-changing Themis Copilot for Outlook, launched in July 2023. Themis Copilot recently won the Silver Globee® Award in the category of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Disruptors. With these advancements, IRONSCALES continues to expand its portfolio of generative AI capabilities, ensuring its continued presence at the forefront of inbound and outbound enterprise email security. These tools, powered by adaptive AI, help organizations stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape by reducing human error and increasing security awareness.

“IRONSCALES remains committed to enhancing cybersecurity through continuous innovation,” said Eyal Benishti, CEO at IRONSCALES. “The GA of our GPT-powered Phishing Simulation Testing solution is a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to stay ahead of the latest, most advanced cyber threats. The human element still plays a role in the overwhelming majority of cyberattacks. As such, it’s imperative that organizations use every tool at their disposal to enable employees to be security assets, rather than liabilities.”

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