With the steep rise in doxing—posting personal information online for malicious intent—directed toward police officers, 360Civic has experienced a heightened demand for their IronWall360 online privacy protection service. The company is bringing their expertise to the 2021 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) this September.

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“We want to be present and available to those with the greatest concerns about how to help police officers—the leadership of law enforcement,” said Ron Zayas, CEO of 360Civic. “During the pandemic, our virtual webinars about online privacy issues consistently sold out. The IACP gives us the opportunity to meet face-to-face, hear their concerns and then share information about what they can do to protect officers and their families.”

Police officers are a favorite target of doxing actions, including:

    •     Following the fatal shooting of a homeless man on Skid Row in Los Angeles, an unknown individual or group posted the officers’ names, addresses and details about their kids’ schools on the internet.
    •     In 2020, 38 law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon, were doxed amid ongoing protests in the area.
    •     High-ranking police officials nationwide — including members of the NYPD – have had their personal information posted online. The officials have had their home addresses, emails and phone numbers published online, according to an unclassified intelligence document from the US Department of Homeland Security.

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  •     The Deputy Director of Operations for the Federal Protective Service, Richard Cline, released in a press conference that almost 40 federal officers had their private information released online. This, despite officers having their nametags removed from their uniform with only their badge numbers displayed.

“Sadly, the internet trains individuals to attack law enforcement. Our community needs to be aware of what’s going on and how to protect ourselves,” said retired police Sergeant Mark Clifford. “My work in online surveillance and observance revealed to me how certain groups actively encourage people to attack officers and their families. The need for a service that mitigates that imminent threat has never been greater.”

The 2021 IACP Annual Conference and Expo, September 11-14 in New Orleans, will be attended by 16,000 top or mid-level leaders within law enforcement agencies. The conference features 175 educational workshops that present new techniques, advance knowledge and careers, and equip departments for ongoing success. As an exhibitor, 360Civic’s IronWall360 team will be available throughout the conference for consultation about the tools and resources available for online privacy protection.

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