Paubox Improves HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging with Attachment Support

Paubox, a leader in HIPAA compliant email and texting solutions, proudly announces a significant enhancement to Paubox Texting: the ability to send attachments. This new feature allows healthcare providers to securely include documents, images, and other files in their text communications, adhering to the strictest HIPAA compliance standards.

“Our goal is to make healthcare communication as accessible as possible, while rigorously maintaining the privacy and security standards mandated by HIPAA”

“With attachment support in Paubox Texting, healthcare providers can now send essential documents and information securely via text message,” said Hoala Greevy, CEO of Paubox.

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Paubox Texting, a HIPAA compliant text messaging API, now offers a way for healthcare providers to send and receive necessary documents without requiring recipients to download third-party applications or use passcode-protected portals. Paubox’s encryption ensures that all text messages and attachments meet HIPAA standards for protecting patient information.

Attachment support in text messaging addresses a pressing need in the healthcare industry. Due to HIPAA compliance concerns, healthcare providers have often been hesitant to use text messaging to send documents like test results. This new Paubox feature alleviates these concerns, allowing healthcare providers to benefit from the convenience and efficiency of text messaging without compromising patient privacy and data security.

Studies indicate that patient engagement rates average 90% when text messages are used to communicate. HIPAA compliant attachment support further improves text messaging in healthcare by:

  • Reducing appointment no-shows with timely reminders and necessary documents
  • Keeping patients informed with health notifications, treatment updates, and educational materials
  • Improving payment rates and treatment adherence by sending billing statements and care instructions
  • Enhancing patient compliance with medication schedules by providing detailed instructions and reminders

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Patients can easily receive and view attachments without the need to download third-party applications or access passcode-protected portals.

Paubox Texting supports both iPhone and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users. By incorporating attachment support, Paubox Texting helps healthcare professionals streamline patient communication, providing a more efficient and personalized level of care.

“Our goal is to make healthcare communication as accessible as possible, while rigorously maintaining the privacy and security standards mandated by HIPAA,” said Greevy.

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