Two Sigma Securities Joins Chainlink as Data Provider

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Chainlink, the industry-standard Web3 services platform, announced that Two Sigma Securities, a systematic liquidity provider and trading business, has joined the Chainlink network as part of its effort to bring its high-quality market data to the blockchain ecosystem. Two Sigma Securities is contributing its high-quality proprietary data to Chainlink decentralized oracle networks (DONs) to generate tamper-resistant oracle reports.

Two Sigma Securities is contributing its high-quality proprietary data to Chainlink decentralized oracle networks.

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Developers in the Web3 ecosystem are now able to access Two Sigma Securities’ premium market data to support a wide range of smart contract use cases that rely on an aggregation of data sources for financial market data.

Using Chainlink to deliver market data enables Two Sigma Securities to make a foundational contribution that will form the building blocks of new decentralized financial market infrastructure and allow for the creation of risk novel management applications on any blockchain or layer-2 network.

“We are looking forward to working with Chainlink to bring our proprietary data to support the decentralized financial infrastructure,” said Chris Marty, CEO of Two Sigma Securities. “As a market maker and data provider, we believe we can play an important role in helping to cultivate a healthy digital assets ecosystem and we are excited by the value digital assets can bring to the financial marketplace as it evolves.”

As the most widely used oracle network, Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and provides node operators with secure management of API keys and account logins that leads to seamless data integration and access to a vast addressable market of data consumers.

“Deep quantitative expertise to produce highly accurate price data is foundational to the growth and long-term success of the DeFi ecosystem,” said Yaser Jazouane, Head of Data Products at Chainlink Labs. “By securely making its price data available on-chain via Chainlink decentralized oracle networks, Two Sigma Securities is able to play a critical role in helping increase the adoption of cryptographic guarantees in risk management and financial agreements.”

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