Sober Peer, Burstiq Aim to Transform Aging Health Tech Industry to WEB3 Digital Health Data Economies

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Emerging cultural transformation from out-dated Health Tech to Digital Health enables new type of data exchange between patients, providers and payer economies.

Sober Peer, a leader in the behavioral science platforms for mental and addictive health has entered into an agreement with BurstIQ, a provider of blockchain-enabled data solutions for the healthcare industry.

This agreement will support Sober Peer’s Web3 ready platform for use in precision medicine, augmented intelligence, digital-twin diagnostic support and payment tokenization that rewards behavior change among its patient population while providing continuous care.

Continuous care means physicians, patients and payers will share real time access to a new kind of augmented data resulting in better diagnosis and treatment of behavioral and mental health issues. Continuous, personalized care over a long period of time develops a patient life-long record and enables doctors to use digital twins of patients, or virtual healthcare replicants, to diagnose and treat illnesses with precision medicine.

“Partnering with Sober Peer really supports our mission to make the world a healthier place. Our technology will help Sober Peer securely manage the sensitive data required to accurately represent patients’ digital twins, instilling a necessary layer of trust to the digital patient experience,” said Frank Ricotta, CEO & Founder of BurstIQ.

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In addition, blockchain technology enables a secure system for data sharing between patients, doctors, and insurers. This allows patients to have more control over their own health data and makes it easier for them to share information with providers.

Sober Peer is considered one of the world’s most advanced augmented intelligence solutions. Through its use of AI neural networks, machine learning and its proprietary evidence-based methods for collecting and interpreting large data, the company helps healthcare providers improve patient outcomes.

“BurstIQ’s capability is impressive. Moving our digital health platform onto the blockchain ensures we will continue to lead the market in decentralizing the control and decision-making for a new type of data to support precision medicine. Our world-wide customer base needs secure, patient-centric data for better outcome decisions where patients and providers share the same information and both are rewarded for collaborating with its use,” said Ed DeShields, Founder and President of Sober Peer.

By incorporating augmented intelligence such as edge devices, IoT devices, and blockchain technology into their practice, professionals can obtain a much deeper understanding of patient behavior and mental state. This information can then be used to provide more effective treatment plans that improve the quality of life for both the patient and provider.

Sober Peer annually supports 2.4 million days of digital behavioral health recovery. By observing patient recovery in real time, its science has proven that remote patient mental health management is both effective and efficient.

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