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GES Tackles Event Measurement with New Offering

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GES Measurement & Insights Provides Quantifiable Benchmarks Of Success

GES, a global full-service provider for live events, announced the launch of GES Measurement & Insights, solving a problem that has plagued the marketing industry for decades: how to holistically and accurately assess the impact of live events, activations and exhibits. GES is introducing a proprietary, standardized methodology that analyzes four key metrics to tie event performance to business outcomes. The methodology provides valuable insights based on event data, a scoring system to compare against industry benchmarks, and actionable recommendations to enhance performance over time.

“Marketing leaders are scrutinizing their budgets across all channels, including some of the largest areas of spend – events, activations and exhibits,” said Wendy Gibson, GES EVP of global marketing. “Because of this scrutiny, marketing teams must show business value. Our approach is based on years of experience as a live event marketing partner for thousands of companies and brands. Our model focuses on key metrics that are tied to business outcomes and include insights and actionable recommendations, rather than just data.”

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GES Measurement & Insights provides valuable metrics in four key areas:

  • Anticipated Pipeline Impact – Assesses expected buying behavior impacted by the event and reports on anticipated revenue.
  • Brand Impact – Measures changes in brand perception affected by the event.
  • Customer Retention – Evaluates the impact of the event on anticipated customer loyalty.
  • Quality of Experience – Assesses the perceived value of the event to inform continuous improvement efforts.

“GES is one of the largest event services companies in the world. We are ready to change the industry conversation around measurement,” said Dax Callner, GES Events chief strategy officer. “We’re dispelling the myth that events should be measured solely based on ROI, or that it is even possible to fully understand how events contribute to sales. Events are so much more than just selling opportunities. Yes, they can impact a sales pipeline, but they should also drive brand affinity and strengthen customer loyalty – all significant contributors to a business’s success.”

GES Measurement & Insights provides the information marketers need to understand and demonstrate the value of their event, activation or exhibit. The tool draws comparisons against industry benchmarks and provides insightful guidance for improving events over time.

GES’ experienced Strategy Team is a trusted consultant to some of the most impactful event marketing experiences in the world. With the launch of GES Measurement & Insights, the company will help clients to demonstrate the value of events, activations and exhibits to their organizations.

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