Simmons Research Launches New Insights Platform; Announces AI-powered Chatbot App

Innovative Research Portal and Smart Search Technology Significantly Reduce the Time Spent on Data Analysis and Insights Generation

Simmons Research, the leading source of essential consumer intelligence, announced the launch of Simmons Insights, a syndicated research portal providing clients with faster access to actionable consumer insights. Powered by Simmons Smart Search, the most comprehensive consumer intelligence search engine, the new platform allows marketers to mine through hundreds of thousands of consumer behaviors in seconds.

Simmons Research Launches New Insights Platform; Announces AI-powered Chatbot App
Andrew Feigenson

“We’re on a journey with one goal – helping clients find new market opportunities in less time than it takes to grab a coffee at Starbucks. Our clients run thousands of advanced analyses using Simmons data per month. Smart search reduced the amount of time taken to find and build complex audience segments by fifty percent. This is just the first in a set of enhancements that we’ll be releasing throughout the year, designed to increase efficiencies and drive ROI for our clients,” said Andrew Feigenson, CEO at Simmons Research.

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In parallel, the company also announced the launch of its Chatbot app, Ask Simmons, providing clients with access to data nuggets and key reach metrics via the industry’s first conversational UI. Powered by advanced AI models, the Ask Simmons Chatbot will be available for select beta clients as an iOS app and a desktop app.

Simmons Research Launches New Insights Platform; Announces AI-powered Chatbot App
Simmons Insights Platform

“The information available in Simmons enhances the proposals that our team submits to clients. In any given project, we cull actionable insights from the data to inform media planning and execution. Seeing clients lean in on our findings with the help of this resource is always a welcomed bonus,” said Erica Ellis, Director of Insights at Gamut, Smart Media from Cox.

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Fadi Karam, Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business Development at Nestle, added, “We’ve found Simmons to be indispensable in helping us better understand consumers and uncover behavioral insights. The ability to quickly mine through a vast range of variables helps us uncover unique market opportunities we may have otherwise missed.”

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