Red Sift OnDOMAIN Proactively Uncovers Impersonated & Forgotten Domains Before They Can Be Weaponized

Latest addition to Red Sift cybersecurity suite enables security-first organizations to enhance brand protection and prevent BEC attacks by shutting down phishing sites

Red Sift, provider of the only integrated cloud email security and brand protection platform, today announced the general availability of OnDOMAIN, the company’s latest addition to its cybersecurity suite that proactively uncovers impersonation domains and takes them down.

@redsift today announced the general availability of OnDOMAIN, the company’s latest addition to its #cybersecurity suite that proactively uncovers impersonation domains and takes them down

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With new phishing sites launching every 20 seconds and the number of unique phishing sites increasing 269% from 2020-2021, attackers hold a distinct advantage over security teams who lack the visibility to pre-empt attacks. OnDOMAIN provides security-first organizations the most comprehensive insight into their domain perimeter. Unlike other domain monitoring products that only look at top-level domains (TLDs), OnDOMAIN continuously monitors 150 million newly registered domains and subdomains to give security personnel minute by minute updates. This enables teams to quickly shut down impersonation sites, discover and secure legitimate domains that have been forgotten about, and detect fraudulent use of logos to defend their brand against abuse and reputational damage.

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“For organizations to truly secure their domain perimeter, they need the ability to identify threats before they can be weaponized,” said Rahul Powar, Red Sift CEO. “OnDOMAIN makes it easy for security teams to define and visualize their complex domain estates in order to identify and disarm phishing attacks on day zero – before they launch. In doing so, we’re delivering a solution that helps organizations identify and continuously protect the entirety of their digital asset base.”

OnDOMAIN is the latest addition to the award-winning Red Sift cybersecurity suite. It integrates with OnINBOX for automated supply-chain analysis and OnDMARC for a detailed view of an enterprise’s existing domains. OnDOMAIN rounds out OnDMARC and OnINBOX’s capabilities by providing insight into suspicious domain registration. For example, if someone else registers a lookalike domain based on an organization’s domain name, OnDOMAIN will pick this up and flag it. Then, with a single click, clients can configure rules in OnINBOX on how any mail from this domain should be handled.

In addition, OnDOMAIN helps tackle “shadow IT” by proactively identifying unprotected yet legitimate domains that may have been created without the IT department’s knowledge. Examples include a hiring portal created independently by an HR department or domains purchased by a marketing team for brand campaigns outside of IT’s purview. While these are legitimate uses of a brand’s assets and identity, if the IT team doesn’t know about them, they can’t secure them. Once identified by OnDOMAIN, security professionals can protect these domains against hijacking by malicious threat actors who could use them for effective and convincing phishing campaigns.

Finally, OnDOMAIN’s machine vision-based logo detection discovers the use of counterfeit brand assets across impersonation domains. This additional infringement classification piece provides domain registrars with the evidence they need to effect takedowns even faster.

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