Stardog Enables Data Citizens with New Platform Innovations

End-to-end solution makes it easier for organizations to create a reusable, flexible semantic data layer for enterprise data analytics

Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform provider, unveiled Stardog 8.0, which contains new innovations to streamline data exploration and discovery for all citizen data users. Stardog 8.0’s new capabilities eliminate the need for specialized skills when querying a reusable, flexible semantic data layer, making it easier than ever before to accelerate data-driven insights across the enterprise.

The new Advanced Query tool empowers citizen data users to ask complex business questions via the semantic layer more easily. By removing the need to learn a graph query language, users can self-serve from across their enterprise data landscape.

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According to Gartner data and analytics leaders need to adopt a semantic approach to their enterprise data; otherwise, they will face an endless battle with data silos. Stardog 8.0 makes it easier for organizations to create and use a semantic layer for enterprise data analytics. A commissioned Forrester Consulting study found that enterprises using Stardog realized 75-95% improvement in productivity of data engineers and data scientists.

“Stardog’s approach to data integration and analytics acceleration has always been a powerful game changer; every enterprise needs a reusable semantic data layer powered by Stardog,” said Kendall Clark, cofounder and CEO at Stardog. “I’m excited about Stardog 8.0 because for the first time that power is available for mainstream data citizens to build and use a semantic layer to make knowledge-informed decisions faster.”

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