Vinod Muthukrishnan

First a Sailor, then a strategist and now an entrepreneur. Fortunate to have worked in diverse and challenging environments starting from the Merchant Navy, a high energy Mobile first Financial Technology Start up where i headed strategy and Global Sales and now currently serve as Co-Founder and CEO of CloudCherry (Customer Analytics Technologies Inc.), a technology startup based in Pleasanton, CA with offices in Singapore / India. Cloudcherry brings highly actionable analytics and insight to Customer Facing businesses real time. Over time Cloudcherry will change the way brands engage with customers, make a lot of MR obsolete and tell businesses the causative drivers for customer retention, loyalty and recurrence. Before Cloudcherry, I joined MarketSimplified during its start up phase and worked with the core promoters to build the brand, reach out to exchanges and Sell Side firms globally. We monetized the MarketSimplified Mobile Platform by managing the sales cycle and signing partnerships with brokerages across the US, Singapore, India and Europe with the NSE as an investor in the company.