Internet Marketing Agency, fishbat, Promotes Tips of Brand Consistency for Chain Restaurants

As part of their commitment to assist companies in proper brand consistency, internet marketing agency, fishbat, shares four tips that promote brand consistency within chain restaurants.

With massive growth in chain restaurants throughout the US and worldwide, it is critical for business survival that every restaurant location maintains the same level of brand consistency.

Below are tips that promote brand consistency within a restaurant chain throughout the internet and social media.

Promote Logos 

Customers become accustomed to seeking out logos for their favorite restaurants, so having a sign posted with your company logo at all locations is essential. Most chain restaurants utilize the same layouts and borders at the top of their windows to attract customers, letting them know that they are approaching a particular restaurant. Consistency at physical locations allow customers to know what they are looking for and what they have come to expect. When developing online advertisements and web pages, using these same logos are essential. As the demand for restaurant apps continues into 2019, your restaurant may need to upgrade its operations from a technological standpoint.

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Internet Training Programs

Multiple locations represent multiple employees. Having standardized training methods for your chain can help ensure that your brand’s standards and guidelines are met in each location. Since a chain restaurant can have anywhere from several to several hundred locations, it can be difficult to have the same person conduct training for all new employees. Utilizing an internet training program provides consistent training across the board, and can be readily available for all locations. Frontline employees are extremely important brand ambassadors, since they are the face of your brand to customers, and who your customers interact with when they visit a location. Consistent training will help ensure that customers have a similar and pleasant experience with staff whenever they visit.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your brand across various social media platforms can be essential for your customer base. However, consistency should remain intact through social platforms, as it does with your chain’s dishes. . First and foremost, the company logo and slogan should be posted on any pages and platforms in which the restaurant is presented. Moving forward, all items and commitments made by your brand, including messages, should be consistent.

For example, a restaurant whose menu is based on chicken should not be promoting and publishing posts promoting beef or any material that is in conflict with the products of the restaurant. If your brand promotes customer inclusion and markets to a diverse group, then this tone should carry through all platforms. The inclusion of diversity should be the tone and message should be reflected in all published posts made by the restaurant.

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Market Your Brand For Partnerships

Many restaurants align themselves with brand partners for promotion and marketing services.

  • What is their audience? Does it align with my customer base?
  • What is their influence?
  • Will they properly promote my brand?

If you choose to align your brand with another, ensure that their goals and missions are consistent with your own. You will need to critique this brand and determine how it will pair with your own. Is this brand something you are comfortable marketing in conjunction with your own? Will this brand supplement or hinder your brand? If your team is comfortable with partnering your restaurant with a particular brand, ensure this partnership is promoted throughout restaurants, advertisements, and social media platforms.

For example, if your restaurant is again, a chicken-based restaurant, your restaurant may want to acquire a partnership with a chicken-based company. Before promoting your brand with theirs, ensure that their products are consistent with your standards and guidelines. If your restaurant promotes grass-fed organic chicken, the chicken company will need to meet these same practices. Otherwise, aligning your brand with a partnership outside of your tone and message will confuse customers and upset your brand.

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