UserWay’s AI Widget Powers Accessibility of the Tokyo Paralympics Website

The widget automatically ensures the site meets the highest accessibility standards, so that the Paralympics digital resources are aligned with the organization’s vision for an inclusive world

UserWay, a leading company specializing in web accessibility technologies, announced today that its AI-powered accessibility widget is being used on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics website to ensure the site provides an accessible experience to all visitors. The widget automatically resolves any accessibility issues detected on the site and aligns it with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as required by the ADA. It also offers a variety of opt-in accessibility and usability enhancements in 40 languages, to assist international visitors in navigating the Paralympics website.

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This year’s Paralympic games feature 22 events, with more than 4000 athletes from 159 nations and regions competing. The Paralympics will take place in Tokyo between August 24th and September 5th — directly following the Olympic games. The Paralympics’s strong partnership with the Olympics allows for representation, accessibility and inclusivity in the athletic realm. What began as a small competition for disabled world war two veterans, has now evolved into a set of prestigious international games for those with disabilities. It is a source of inspiration for people the world over and stands as a symbol of courage, determination and equality.

UserWay is committed to making the online world more accessible and improving the digital space for countless individuals, through a variety of technological solutions. By utilizing the UserWay widget, the Paralympics has made digital access easier for those with disabilities. The widget offers users a number of useful tools, including a screen reader, dyslexia friendly font and color contrast button. An enhanced cursor and enlarged font size are also available.

“UserWay is honored to be powering the accessibility of the Paralympics website,” said Allon Mason, Founder and CEO of UserWay. “We have a strong commitment to web accessibility and couldn’t ask for a better platform than the Paralympics in furthering this message. As the leading representatives of accessibility and inclusivity, the IPC’s decision to entrust UserWay with their website’s accessibility highlights UserWay’s status as the gold standard in web accessibility.”

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