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Constant Contact Launches an Integration for Shopify

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Shopify Merchants Will Be Able to Send Branded, Targeted and Automated Emails to Customers, Including Those Who Abandoned Shopping Carts, for Higher Conversion

Constant Contact, an Endurance International Group company and leader in small business marketing solutions, is giving small business online retailers a timely boost with its new integration for Shopify. With e-commerce sales expected to increase 17 to 22% this holiday season, potentially reaching $134 billion, this integration provides a solution for small businesses to market their online stores during what, for many, can be the most lucrative time of year.

When Shopify merchants connect their online store to their Constant Contact account, customers and products will automatically be synced to their account, making it easy to create and send customized email messages featuring specific products and promotions for targeted customer segments. Merchants can also send branded automated emails to customers who have added items to their shopping cart but have not yet completed their purchase.

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“Advances in affordable digital marketing continue to narrow the marketing gap between small business merchants and their powerhouse competitors,” said Jonathan Kateman, general manager of Constant Contact. “The Constant Contact integration for Shopify is designed to make it effortless for a small business to leverage customer segmentation and automated email marketing campaigns, such as abandoned shopping cart reminders, that can have a direct impact on sales. The ability to send targeted messaging at just the right time is essential for smaller retailers to capture their fair share of the consumer holiday spend.”

The integration gives small businesses access to:

  • Branded Abandoned Cart Emails: Shopify merchants can capture lost sales by automatically sending out branded emails to customers who didn’t complete their purchase.
  • Segmented Contact Lists: Users’ contacts from Shopify are automatically imported to their Constant Contact account. Users can target pre-defined lists including repeat customers, lapsed customers, and prospects, enabling them to send the right message to the right audience.

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  • Drag-and-Drop Email Content: Shopify users can easily drag and drop their Shopify products, as well as coupons, into their emails.
  • Sales Reporting: Reporting feature shows the correlation between when an email was sent and Shopify sales, giving users an idea of how emails are impacting revenue. Users can also see revenue generated by a specific Shopify product email block.

Constant Contact customer Yvonne Hedeker, co-founder and CEO of Light Health Research, has benefited from the efficiency this integration provides. “If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have as much support lined up as you can, both inside and outside your business, and we would not have half the customers we have now were it not for our email campaigns,” said Hedeker. “Being able to use Constant Contact and Shopify together in this way saves us time. It has also been instrumental in helping us send meaningful and relevant content to our customers, which in turn, has resulted in a huge number of referrals.”

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