89 Degrees Survey Report: Consumer Perceptions of the Digital Experience

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Offers Detailed Look at Digital Marketing Behavior and Opportunities in the US and Canada

Marketing service provider 89 Degrees announces the results of its survey report, Consumer Perceptions of the Digital Experience, examining how US and Canadian marketers can better anticipate and respond to consumers’ digital marketing practices and preferences.

Check out Consumer Perceptions of the Digital Experience report, showing how US, Canadian marketers can improve digital engagement.

The proprietary study, conducted for 89 Degrees by Lightspeed, surveyed over 900 consumers and sampled from millennials, Gen X and boomers in the US and Canada. Questions addressed recent considered, online-researched purchases across a wide range of industries, looking at personalization, integration, real-time and other key topics.

“Consumers and marketers are circling each other in the digital arena, trying to establish terms of engagement while the rules change as fast as the capabilities,” said Phil Hussey, 89 Degrees CEO who recently presented the report at Data Marketing Toronto. “Businesses are struggling to reach ‘transformational’ levels of analytics while consumers demand a personalized experience matched to their needs every step of the way. Our findings point to engagement opportunity at many of those steps.”

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Highlights of Report Findings:

1. Online Research: Many sectors are missing out on online assisted purchases.

  • Top sectors are retail and travel, less than 50% for most other categories

2. Online Research Payoff: Boomers’ spending power rewards those who draw them online.

  • Millennials and Gen X researching online more
  • 80%+ for retail; 65%+ millennial & Gen X for travel; 50% for others with boomers lagging

3. Channel Integration: Sense of disconnect can impede online engagement

  • Too few consumers reliably experience integration across touchpoints

4. Personalization: The opportunity to differentiate with “always on” personalization

  • Consumers split on experiencing personalized treatment

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5. Real Time Experience: Applying best practices for rapid gains

  • Canada can seize opportunity to reach US real-time levels

6. Personalized and Connected Experiences: By Sector

  • Personalization is greater challenge than integration for utilities & financial services
  • Entertainment and telecom lead; retailers and travel overcome integration gap with personalization

7. User Experience Satisfaction: Opportunity remains to delight consumers

  • Satisfaction ratings mirror patterns for connected & personalized experience

8. Personalized and Connected Experiences: By Age Group

  • Millennials, some Gen X perceive a more personalized/connected experience

“The survey confirmed some of our beliefs, but it held some surprises, too,” added Hussey. “What’s no surprise is that marketers need to do more than just react – empowered consumers are moving way too quickly and the need for personalization is just too great. We need to be there when they arrive, ready with the right offer and advice.”

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