Permission Data Announces Name Change and Rebrand to ‘AdQuire Media’

Leading Solutions Provider in the Digital Customer Acquisition Space Proudly Announces Formal Corporate Name Change and Rebrand to ‘AdQuire Media

Permission Data, a long-time leader in the customer acquisition marketing industry, is officially changing its name to AdQuire Media. The AdQuire Lead Ads platform has been used to scale opt-in email list and mobile messaging database growth for thousands of advertisers, brands and direct marketers. It is widely recognized as a top-performing solution among publishers and brands. Co-Founders Eric O’Neill and Doug O’Neill made the change in response to AdQuire’s growing recognition and believe it more closely aligns the company’s brand with its services.

“The name ‘Permission Data’ accurately describes the permission-based-marketing services we’ve provided for our advertiser clients over the years,” says COO Doug O’Neill. “However, as our clients’ needs evolved, so did our technology and solutions. Both Eric and I feel the AdQuire name more clearly reflects the innovative, forward-thinking nature of the platform and the value we provide to advertisers and publishers alike.”

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Permission Data, now AdQuire Media, has been a pioneer in permission-based marketing since 2002. Over the past 16 years, the leadership team has been focused on customer success through gathering consent-based data, while innovating ways to provide advertising and publishing clients with solutions to drive sales and grow their businesses. The company has grown significantly over the past several years, both organically and through acquisition. AdQuire Media’s recent acquisition of True North Loyalty’s Lead Generation division was pivotal for the organization. “This acquisition in particular,” says CEO Eric O’Neill, “further enabled us to grow our AdQuire Lead Ads business and take advantage of this unique position in the marketplace.”

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The name change is supported by a complete brand refresh and new website. Together, the rebranding to AdQuire Media and the launch of the new company website reflect the future of the business as the company leverages its deep experience in customer acquisition and permission-based marketing. “It’s important to find the balance between growth and customer service,” continues Eric O’Neill. “The reason our advertising customers remain loyal to us is because we’re constantly reinvesting in the platform to enhance the technology and provide complete transparency and efficiency.”

AdQuire Media’s publishing clients likewise express the same sentiment. “There’s no question it’s a two-way street,” concurs Doug O’Neill. “The publishing world is competitive and demanding so we’re constantly improving our processes to provide value and increased revenue streams to our publishing clients. To be truly effective in this industry, you have to consider the customer, the brand and the publisher equally and deliver on your promises. The AdQuire Lead Ads platform does exactly that, so we firmly believe this name change supports our commitment to each stakeholder.”

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