Litmus Unveils Email Marketing Innovations with New Personalization and Monitoring Capabilities

Scratch-Offs and Interest Signals in Litmus Personalize along with Image Monitoring in Litmus Email Guardian empower marketers to captivate subscribers, drive revenue, and harness insights

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, has released a trio of powerful new features to revolutionize how brands connect with their audiences. These latest innovations within Litmus Personalize and Litmus Email Guardian equip marketers with unprecedented capabilities to create engaging, personalized email experiences that inspire action and conversion.

In the fierce battle for inbox attention, delivering compelling emails that truly resonate is paramount for marketers’ success. With the average consumer bombarded by 10,000 ads daily, brands must cut through the noise with compelling, personalized experiences from the moment the email is delivered. Litmus’ new features empower marketers to foster memorable connections, build invaluable subscriber trust, glean pivotal insights, and drive more revenue from their email programs.

“The brands that win spark joy and cultivate genuine excitement with every subscriber interaction,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “Our latest innovations enable marketers to tap into proven drivers like gamification and social proof. These new personalization features deliver experiences that feel fun, exciting, and uniquely crafted for each and every subscriber. Along with new Image Monitoring in Litmus Email Guardian, we’re keeping our commitment to helping marketers make every send count.™”

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New Litmus features include:

Turn promotional offers into delightful surprises with Scratch-Offs in Litmus Personalize. With just a few clicks, email marketers can conceal special discounts, exclusive benefits and other irresistible offers behind fun, interactive scratch-off layers. Embrace gamification to increase engagement, leverage exclusivity to drive conversions and test the efficacy of new offers across email segments.

Interest Signals 
Compelling visuals capture attention, but peer validation inspires action. With new Interest Signals in Litmus Personalize, marketers can leverage the power of social proof by displaying live click data on images. Watch as subscribers join in the fun, motivated by seeing what their peers love most in real time. Creating a positive sense of FOMO leads to higher click-through rates and improved conversions while unlocking invaluable subscriber insights.

Image Monitoring
Every email is a reflection of the brand sending it  — and even one broken image can undermine the entire subscriber experience. With Image Monitoring in Litmus Email Guardian, marketers can easily find and fix broken or slow-loading images to ensure a pixel-perfect experience. This innovative feature automatically scans every email, allowing issues to be resolved before a single subscriber is impacted.

“We are very excited for Litmus Personalize Scratch-Offs. Being in the gaming industry, our subscribers have high expectations, and we’re confident that this new functionality will add a layer of fun to our emails to surprise and delight them,” said Cindy Gip, Marketing Manager, CRM at Nexon America. “This is a unique opportunity to drive higher engagement across our audience and we can’t wait!”

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve their emails. With these new capabilities from Litmus, marketers can meet subscribers’ rising expectations, forge lasting connections and improve future campaigns for long-term success — all within the platform where they’re already working.

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