Gutenberg Technology Launches Transformational AI-enabled Authoring and Digital-First Design Tools for Publishers

Gutenberg Technology (GT), which powers content authoring, management, and productization for education publishers, higher education institutions, and certification organizations, announced the launch of two new transformational tools.

GT’s latest productivity tools tackle two long-standing challenges for educational publishers.

GT’s collaborative, cloud-based platform makes it easy to create compelling content and build engaging products. And, because of a powerful underlying content architecture, publishers can evolve to a single, unified workflow for all their product portfolio—from textbooks and eBooks to courseware and apps. This enables publishers to shift time and effort from laborious processes to the student experience and competitive differentiation.

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GT’s latest productivity tools tackle two long-standing challenges for educational publishers: 1) how to create no-compromise, high-design print products in a digital-first workflow, and 2) how to reduce time and cost for authoring quality assessments.

Digital-first, InDesign-Driven Product Creation

Historically, publishers who create engaging, high-design print products—especially in K12 and English Language Learning (ELL) for Young Learners—have found it hard to reduce time and cost using automation tools without sacrificing the quality and uniqueness of their designs. This has made it very hard for them to move to an efficient, unified workflow for print and digital.

GT’s new InDesign-driven print capabilities solve this problem. They allow publishers to create unique and competitive designs and dynamically preview for print (as well as ebook, mobile, or desktop) during authoring and editing. This cuts out slow, complex, and costly redesigns and handovers while still providing designers the flexibility to be as visually creative as they choose to be. The results are significant gains in efficiency and better designs.

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Automated Assessment Authoring With AI Magic Wand

Authoring high-quality assessments is time-consuming and expensive. Added to this, many publishers license separate tools for authoring and playing assessments at significant additional costs.

GT’s latest tools solve both these problems. A new “Assessment Authoring + Player” module enables publishers to create assessments that are accessible-by-design lightning fast. Publishers can select static content (e.g. from a chapter or section) and GT’s “AI Magic Wand” automatically creates interactive activities and a variety of assessments that authors can adjust and publish. The results are more engaging and interactive products at dramatically lower costs.

“We want to help publishers focus on the student experience and competitive edge by removing the cost and complexity of legacy workflows and leveraging transformational AI technology.” said Gjergj Demiraj, GT’s President and CEO.

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