Keter Releases 2020 Sustainability Report, Including Progress Toward 2025 Goals

Keter – innovative global leader in durable consumer lifestyle solutions for in and around the home – has released its 2020 sustainability report that outlines significant progress toward the company’s 2025 target goals. With sustainability commitments established in 2019, Keter is already ahead of schedule, having achieved the following milestones over the past year:

  • 99.9% of consumer products that are 100% recyclable
  • 40% of recycled content in total production
  • 23% reduction in landfill waste
  • 4% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 3% reduction in absolute energy consumption
  • Zero production of single-use plastic consumer products

Keter calculates that the current use of recycled content in its manufacturing avoids more than 800 metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted each year. This is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of taking 570 passenger vehicles off the road for a full year.

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Keter continues to operate with the following three core pillars as the guiding measures for its sustainability pledge:

  • Better Products for Better Places – An ambition to deliver affordable, innovative lifestyle solutions with recycled content and recyclable designs.
  • Better Planet – A commitment to implement operational efficiencies and environmentally-positive actions throughout their supply chain to help mitigate climate change.
  • Better Business – Delivery of business and social value via ethical conduct and community investment, including more women in executive and management roles, and an improved wellbeing program.

With sustainability at the core of new product development, Keter has committed to a set of design and manufacturing goals for all future products. By aligning sustainability with innovation, Keter has produced more than 100 everyday sustainable product innovations in the past year, offering consumers a way to minimize their personal environmental footprint. One of these products is the Keter Adirondack Chair, made from all-weather resistant resin-based material that saves 12 kilograms of virgin wood and 50 trees per 1,000 chairs and requires no maintenance for upkeep. These chairs are made of recycled resin rather than virgin resin, cutting energy use, GHG emissions, smog and water consumption.

“Consumer focus on sustainability will strongly influence our selection of cutting-edge materials and technologies as we innovate for our future products,” says Zvika Zak, Head of the Keter Innovation Centre. “We are committed to leading the industry when it comes to the design, creation, and delivery of sustainable lifetime product solutions that meet the needs of these emerging preferences of consumers around the globe.”

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