Metazoa Optimizes Salesforce org Management Tool Snapshot for eCommerce Businesses

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Leading Salesforce org management tool Metazoa Snapshot helps growing eCommerce businesses with complex Salesforce orgs   

Metazoa, developers of the Salesforce ecosystem’s top software toolset for org management, today announced that Metazoa Snapshot has been optimized for eCommerce businesses. Metazoa Snapshot is the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for org management, technical debt removal, and more.

“Because of the pandemic, eCommerce businesses of all sizes have experienced a major boom,” said Metazoa CEO Jennifer Mercer. “As eCommerce businesses scale and grow, their Salesforce orgs can become extremely complex. Without proper management tools in place, things like technical debt can cause havoc. We are seeing this a lot within eCommerce businesses, so that’s why we optimized Metazoa Snapshot for them specifically.”

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Metazoa is known for its best-in-class tools like Metazoa Snapshot, which is designed specifically for Salesforce org management. In addition, the same team that created Metazoa Snapshot now offers turn-key services for eCommerce businesses with complex Salesforce needs. Backed by Metazoa Snapshot, Metazoa’s services are a project-based offering created for enterprise-scale organizations to help with all aspects of Salesforce org clones, splits, merges and technical debt removal.

Metazoa’s vast experience in the field ensures that eCommerce businesses that utilize its tools and services can better manage their Salesforce orgs, including an ability to manage the change and release process, migrate large datasets between orgs, visualize and reduce org complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of org management. Created in 2006, Metazoa Snapshot was the first org management solution designed specifically for Salesforce, and was one of the first App’s offered on the Salesforce AppExchange. Over the years, Metazoa Snapshot has grown into the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for org management.

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“When businesses choose Metazoa, they are getting more than just a software vendor,” said Jill Hourani, VP, Marketing and Customer Success at Metazoa. “They are getting a partner dedicated to helping them succeed on both the Salesforce platform and within the broader ecosystem. That’s why we offer things like networking opportunities and a certification program, in addition to our tools and services.”

Those interested in connecting with Metazoa and the broader Salesforce community are encouraged to join the Reset Button each month. The Reset Button is a 45-minute virtual fireside chat that features change-makers and status-quo shakers as they offer fellow Salesforce professionals insights from their personal experience on how to get ahead, and stay motivated and energized.

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