Tapestri Surpasses Two Billion Mobile Location Events and $200K in Customer Payouts in Under Six Months

Flagship App Pays Users for Location Data; Unique Compensation Model Drives Global Expansion

Tapestri Inc., the app that pays users for sharing their anonymous location data, today announced it has surpassed $200,000 in user payouts in under six months since its launch in October 2021. Once a person signs up and consents to sharing their location data, Tapestri passively collects anonymous data without draining a mobile device’s battery, and incrementally pays users for their data that would otherwise be collected from them for free, and often without their explicit consent.

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With user adoption increasing significantly, Tapestri has also surpassed over two billion mobile location events. Over time, it hopes to be a top mobility library to help provide comprehensive data for a variety of use cases including adtech and mobility analytics. Originally launched only in the U.S., Tapestri added three other global geographic locations including AustraliaCanada and New Zealand. Rollout will continue in the coming weeks to new countries, which will drive up unique events and increase Tapestri’s overall user base.

“Tapestri is enabling consumers to earn passively, without the gimmicks,” said Walter Harrison, CEO and founder of Tapestri. “We provide extra income that can be saved, invested, or used leisurely on coffee, gas, or things for the home. Ultimately it’s up to the consumer; it’s their data, after all.”

At the core of Tapestri’s significant growth is the trust of its consumer base, proving that transparency is a pillar of its ecosystem. With corporations profiting in the billions via the data of its customers, Tapestri was founded on the belief that those customers are entitled to a piece of that pie.

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When data is scraped without a user’s knowledge, it’s not only out of compliance with modern regulations, but it’s also very likely not painting an accurate picture of the user. The explicit consent Tapestri uses and compensation it provides puts the power back in the user’s hands and also allows advertisers to learn about the parts of customer behavior that are actually valuable for them. In this model, everyone wins: buyers get higher-quality data and consumers get paid.

Looking to the future, Tapestri is planning to expand into Asia-PacificAfrica and Western Europe over the next few months. The company is also planning to launch Tapestri Rewards, an expanded product offering to enable cash-back and passive data monetization.

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