Blueshift Receives Patent for AI-Powered Marketing

Patent Validates Blueshift’s Innovative Approach in Using Real-Time Streams of Customer Data for AI-Powered Marketing on Every Channel

Blueshift, the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Marketing across all channels, announced that the company has been awarded Patent No. 9779443 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “EVENT-BASED PERSONALIZED MERCHANDISING SCHEMES AND APPLICATIONS IN MESSAGING”, further validating the company’s innovations in applying AI to real-time streams of behavioral data.

Blueshift's Interaction Graph drives Segment-of-One Marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Blueshift’s Interaction Graph drives Segment-of-One Marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Blueshift’s platform ingests and understands real-time streams of customer interaction ‘events’ from websites, apps, point-of-sale and other systems. These ‘events’ can include any customer behavior across any platform or marketing channel, e.g. a customer watched a video on a media platform, or submitted an online inquiry for a reverse mortgage with a financial-services company.

Blueshift’s patented method builds an “Interaction Graph” from the event data along with historical customer data and the brand’s catalog of products or content, and uses the graph for continuously computing various forms of AI-Based predictions and recommendations (“personalized merchandising schemes”) continuously. The patented technology also integrates these predictions into customer experiences on channels like email, direct mail, SMS, websites or mobile app notifications, enabling brands to seamlessly use the power of artificial intelligence to deliver 1:1 personalized experiences.

Manyam Mallela
Manyam Mallela

“Brands continue to generate more and more customer data in the form of behavioral ‘events’, that represent customer interactions on digital, mobile and social channels,” said Blueshift co-founder & Chief AI Officer, Manyam Mallela. “AI is the key to activating this fast moving stream of event data and delivering segment-of-one personalization on every channel.”

The flexibility of the Blueshift system to adapt to all types of customer interaction events and content catalogs makes it possible for a large variety of consumer facing industries to benefit from the platform’s innovations, ranging from consumer goods to retail, consumer finance, travel, healthcare, subscription services and marketplaces.

Mehul Shah
Mehul Shah

“We are proud to have been awarded a patent for our AI-Powered Marketing IP, especially in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment for patents, is further validation of the tremendous technological innovations by the Blueshift team,” added Blueshift CTO Mehul Shah, who has previously been awarded 10 other patents across various technology domains.  “Unlike other systems that have a rigid data schema, our innovation enables us to build 1:1 predictions and recommendations that adapt to any stream of real-time behavior from websites and mobile apps, or even from IoT devices. By flexibly adapting to the nature of the data, Blueshift is able to drive true cross-channel personalization for companies across a range of industries.”

The innovative capabilities outlined in the patent have previously caught the attention of key industry analysts. David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, states that Blueshift’s “recommendations are exceptionally sophisticated,” and that “… the system’s ability to load and expose imported data in near-real-time remains impressive.”

Vijay Chittoor
Vijay Chittoor

“With the explosion of customer data, AI is no longer a nice-to-have for brands that are looking to deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint,” said Vijay Chittoor, co-founder & CEO of Blueshift. “Customer Experience is the new battlefield for competitive advantage. In an AI-first world, the only survivors will be the ones who embrace AI at the core of their marketing and customer experience strategies.”

Blueshift’s other recent innovations in AI-Powered Marketing include the launch of “AI-Powered Customer Journeys,” a next generation solution that enables marketers to deliver content rich & personalized customer engagement across every marketing channel. Blueshift also recently hosted a webinar on the theme of “AI in the Inbox” with partner Sparkpost and customer LendingTree. Blueshift also recently announced the general availability of its “Live Personalization” offering powered by AI.

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