CallRail Labs Unveils AI-Powered Self-Reported Attribution, Providing Even More Visibility Into the Lead Journey

Reinforcing its dedication to continuous innovation in lead intelligence, CallRail’s patent pending new capability reveals comprehensive insights on customer touchpoints

CallRail, the AI-powered lead intelligence platform, announced AI-driven, self-reported attribution capabilities (patent pending) as a part of its innovation program, CallRail Labs. With this capability, marketers and business owners can easily get visibility into the impact brand, word of mouth, social media, and other difficult to track marketing efforts have had on generating leads, providing a more complete picture of marketing performance.

“The ability to directly capture and analyze how customers found us promises to refine our targeting and optimization efforts significantly”

CallRail has provided digital marketing attribution for a business’s calls, texts and form fills since 2011. This insight is critical to ensuring businesses understand which campaigns are working and how to best optimize spend. The introduction of AI-powered self-reported attribution takes attribution to new heights, offering unprecedented access to greater insights about the buyer’s journey and the influence of indirect marketing channels. Businesses can now:

  • Leverage conversational AI to listen, understand, and report on when customers share crucial information about the often hidden upper funnel factors and stimulus that prompted their engagement or purchase decisions.
  • Seamlessly merge digital attribution with self-reported attribution, enriching reporting capabilities by source.

Marketers strive to understand attribution across the full funnel, from what drove initial awareness of the business to the last touch point before a sale. While attribution solutions have made significant strides in addressing platform bias and increasing visibility into online and offline touchpoints, the influence of earlier touchpoints and brand marketing efforts are more challenging to capture. This release is designed to address the evolving needs of marketers and aims to provide more insightful attribution functionalities.

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”As AI continues to revolutionize industries, it has empowered us to unlock new frontiers in understanding and optimizing the buyer’s journey,” said Emily Popson, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at CallRail. “Until now, it’s been notoriously challenging to measure the influence of brand marketing, word of mouth, or dark social – that data was hidden in conversations. By bridging the gap between traditional attribution methods and AI-driven insights, self-reported attribution empowers marketers to make even more informed decisions and confidently navigate the complexities of today’s marketing landscape.”

The original form of attribution was self-reported. However, as customer journeys evolved and became less linear, traditional methods struggled to capture this complexity. The introduction of call tracking software marked a significant leap in attribution, effectively addressing many of these challenges. The most impactful attribution reporting combines automatically captured, self-reported answers with call tracking reporting. When the two are used in tandem, marketers can fully and accurately read their marketing landscape and make confident, strategic and investment decisions.

CallRail Customer Wanta Thome is one of the first to take advantage of the new self-reported attribution feature, which will enhance their understanding of customer journeys and support refining marketing strategies.

“The ability to directly capture and analyze how customers found us promises to refine our targeting and optimization efforts significantly,” said Shawn Wanta, Managing Member at Wanta Thome. “This is particularly important for us because of our multi-channel approach to marketing, which focuses on a broad range of top-of-funnel channels. Integrating AI-powered, self-reported attribution into our analytics has provided invaluable insights into customer preferences and behavior. This has allowed us to better tailor our marketing campaigns with greater personalization based on customer feedback, which is a game-changing essential in today’s competitive landscape.”

CallRail Labs is the first-of-its-kind rapid innovation program in the call analytics space. Today’s announcement is the newest addition to CallRail Labs. Currently, CallRail Labs capabilities are exclusively available to customers with Premium Conversation Intelligence™, inviting them to influence the company’s use of voice AI via early access to the newest features. CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence® continues to increase reliability and accuracy, boasting a large language model based on more than 1.1M hours of voice data.

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