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What is Dasia and what does it solve?

DASIA’s Project’s mission is to create a sustainable Al media ecosystem, promoting responsible and ethical Al usage within the media industry. This aims to address issues such as the dilemma of digital marketing, the complexity of marketing transmission paths, reduced return on investment in advertising, the difficulty in forming stable cyclical ecological relationships in marketing chains, difficulty in forecasting marketing in advance, challenges in ensuring data security, and improper distribution of interests among roles in the marketing chain.

DASIA’s goal is to educate and empower media professionals to make informed decision using Al in their work through innovative “Al content generation digital marketing systems” and “Al advertising precise distribution systems,” while promoting collaboration and innovation to enhance the quality and diversity of media content.

Token Overview

– Token name: Dasia
– Token symbol:DASIA
– Total supply:3 billion

The platform token issued by DASIA Project is called DASIA, which is a digital token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Holding DASIA tokens can also serve as an incentive mechanism, rewarding users who contribute to the DASIA project and encouraging their participation in the construction and development of the DASIA project.

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The utility of DASIA include:

– Incentive Measures: DASIA project will allocate a portion of DASIA as incentives to highly contributing members such as community managers, developers, advisors, etc., to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of community members.

– Fee Deduction: DASIA project may charge certain fees for transactions, and holding a certain amount of DASIA can enjoy a certain percentage of fee discounts or free transactions.

– Advertisement Payment: DASIA project adopts DASIAtoken as the payment method for advertising consumption, where advertisers can use DASIA to purchase advertising space, and media can accept DASIA as advertising revenue.

– Reward Mechanism: By introducing DASIA incentive mechanism, rewarding users who contribute to the DASIA project to encourage their participation in the construction and development of the DASIA project.

– Content Payment: DASIA payment, users can use DASIA token to purchase high-quality content such as news, articles, videos, etc., to support the development of a premium content ecosystem.

What is the core product of Dasia? 

OHSEMAds is an Al-powered media service ecosystem. It is a high- tech media marketing ecosystem platform that provides services to both upstream and downstream of the media industry chain, built upon existing digital marketing technologies combined with Al, Web3, and other emerging cutting-edge technologies.

OHSEMAds combines the advantages of Al and Web3. Through Al content generation modules, it enhances the rapid and accurate generation of marketing materials during the advertising process, reaching the advertising audience precisely. With the integration of Web3 technology, when advertising audience users view ads distributed by OHSEMAds, they can directly receive incentives in the form of practical tokens from the platform, completing the advertising cycle process.

In the future, DASIA Project will integrate the latest Al into the OHSEMAds marketing media ecosystem and combine it with Web3 technology to achieve ecosystem decentralization and internal economic balance.

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What are the strengths of Dasia?

– Marketing data security: Data is securely encrypted and stored using blockchain technology, ensuring reliable data security.
– Deep integration of Al: The application of Al can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of content recommendations.
– Decentralized mechanism:Adecentralized publishing platform can protect authors’ copyrights and interests.
– Robust business model:A transparent and fair copyright sharing mechanism enables authors and publishers to receive their rightful income.

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