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Opera GX, the browser for gamers, is bringing a significant update to the browser’s built-in AI, Aria. This update provides users with the latest AI features that Opera has been releasing as part of their experimental AI Feature Drops program in the Developer stream of the Opera One browser. The features that are arriving to Opera GX increase Aria’s capabilities by introducing image generation and understanding, voice output, a chat summary option, and links to sources.

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Image Generation and Voice Output

Images are crucial to today’s web, so this Opera GX update places a strong focus on the visual. With this update, Aria is gaining the ability to turn text prompts and descriptions into unique images using the image generation model Imagen2 by Google. Aria identifies the user’s intention to generate an image based on conversational prompts. They can also use the “regenerate” option to have Aria come up with a new image. Aria allows them to generate 30 images per day per user.

With this patch Aria is also gaining the ability to read answers out loud by using Google’s WaveNet model. It benefits those who normally use screen readers, like to multitask, or need to hear information instead of reading it.

Image Understanding

Internet users find themselves searching for information about something they saw just as often as for something they read or heard about. That’s why Aria is also gaining image understanding capabilities. This means that users can now upload an image to Aria that they can then ask the AI tool about as part of the chat conversation. For example, if the image is an unknown headset, it will identify its brand and model as well as provide some context about it. Or a user can take a picture of a math problem and ask Aria how to solve it.

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Improvements to the Chat

In this update, the text-based chat experience with Aria has also been improved thanks to two new functionalities: “Chat Summary” and “Links to Sources.” The former provides users with a concise summary of an entire conversation with Aria, allowing them to recap the most important information. In the latter feature, Aria supplies the user with links to sources about the topic of the conversation, enabling them to get more context regarding their inquiry. Opera GX also has received reworked Aria Command Line which users can now easily activate by pressing the “ctrl + /” or “cmd + /” button combination. This enables the user to open the additional floating window instead of using Aria from the extension page.

With these new features, Opera GX is giving Aria a significant buff and providing the gaming community with an up-to-date AI assistant that is now more accessible and capable than before.

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