CMO Council Reveals How Big eCommerce Communities Are Advancing Digital Marketing Uptake By Brands

The PeerSphere Cover Story Delves Into New Research Findings Around How Online Marketplaces Bring Greater Customer Insight, Experiences and Value to Brands

With global eCommerce communities now accounting for more than half of the $500 billion spent by consumers online in North America alone, marketers are being pressed to rethink how they can create richer, more customized experiences for their consumers, according to the cover story in the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council‘s latest edition of its quarterly PeerSphere digital magazine, released recently.

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Based on the success of large, global eCommerce marketplaces—which create frictionless transactional environments by bringing together vast numbers of buyers and sellers in trusted virtual ecosystems—many brands are now exploring how they can apply these features to their own engagements by creating more personalized experiences that lead to better conversions.

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The report referenced in the cover story — titled “Ingenuity in the Global eCommerce Community: How to Compete and Not Get Beat in the Digital Retail Marketplace” — highlights perspectives from a survey of nearly 200 brand marketers, 60 percent of whom reveal that global eCommerce communities are forcing them to embrace a more integrated, multi-channel retail strategy to improve their own eCommerce efforts.

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PeerSphere also carries in-depth perspectives from leading marketing and eCommerce experts at brands like LEGO, PUMA, Casio, Serta and Fruit of the Loom/Spalding about how they are shifting their own strategies in light of the disruption created by online retail communities like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

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