Confirmit Launches New Survey Designer to Improve Customer Engagement Campaigns

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Confirmit, the leading market research and customer feedback platform, has launched a cutting-edge survey designer for online survey publishers and marketers. The new Confirmit Survey Designer tool will remove the complexity of advanced survey creation, enabling marketer researchers and surveyors to build interactive questionnaire in less than half the time. Confirmit’s survey designer will help surveys to tackle declining response rates using easy-to-use advanced design capabilities.

Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a crucial aspect of acquiring, engaging and retaining customers. Surveys help in capturing customer’s expectations, preferences and aversions. However, creating surveys for specific markets is an arduous process, taking more than just creativity and strategy. In an attempt to stick to best practices in market research force marketers to outsource their survey campaigns to third-party agencies.

Terry Lawlor, Executive VP, Product Management explains: “Organizations know that it is imperative to create surveys that are fun, engaging, and reduce respondent fatigue. However, this means that designers can spend a significant part of their working day on the authoring and programming process.

“Confirmit Survey Designer provides them with all the sophisticated functionality they need to create highly engaging questionnaires, using a class-leading user interface that outperforms anything else on the market.”

Confirmit Survey Designer has been developed to make it quicker and easier for users to create highly engaging surveys, saving designers many hours of work. The intuitive user interface makes the creation of feedback and research programs extremely easy while still allowing for the resulting surveys to offer a feature-rich, compelling and engaging experience to respondents. This provides the ability to author a questionnaire once, then deploy it across multiple channels – including web, CAPI, telephone, mobile, SMS, IVR and more – to ensure the most efficient use of design time while delivering high-quality results.

Confirmit Survey Designer

By adding Confirmit Survey Designer, the NYC-based market research platform intends to boost its existing VOC suite across online channels. The designer tool has been built in close collaboration with key stakeholders specifically to combat the struggle that organizations face with declining response rates and low respondent engagement.

Confirmit Survey Designer is an easy- to-learn solution that is simple to move to from other solutions. It allows designers to use a wide range of features that are proven to increase response rates and capture insights quickly and easily, including innovative question types, multimedia clips and a powerful array of feedback methods.

Confirmit Survey Designer is available at no cost for its existing Professional Authoring customers and complements that environment so designers can use either one or toggle between the two when designing a single survey.

Established in 1996, Confirmit provides SaaS solutions for feedback and research. It acquired social media analytics and tools platform Integrasco in January 2014, taking extending its vision to ensure highest data integrity and survey accuracy in its market research operations.

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