Lionbridge Launches Oracle Responsys Application that Delivers Personalized Marketing in Every Language

Lionbridge Helps Marketers to Deliver a Cohesive Message Across Channels, Devices And, Now, Languages Through Integration to Oracle Marketing Cloud

Lionbridge Technologies Inc., the world’s most trusted translation and global digital communications company and Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announced that it has launched Lionbridge Connector, now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, as a partner of the Oracle Marketing AppCloud. The new application empowers marketers to plan and execute individualized customer experiences at scale with Oracle Marketing Cloud through Oracle Responsys. The Oracle Marketing AppCloud is one of the industry’s most comprehensive marketing technology ecosystems, offering Oracle customers a broad set of marketing apps and data services to extend and optimize their technology investments.

The Lionbridge Connector is one of the first real integrations to automate translation workflows within Oracle Responsys and will provide marketing teams the canvas to build specific consumer profiles and tailor customer interactions across e-mail, mobile, display, social and web channels—all without language limitations.

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Today’s marketer must deliver a personalized narrative that follows customers across devices throughout their decision-making journey. Language is critical to ensuring those tailored messages are relevant and native to the consumer. By leveraging the Lionbridge Connector, marketers can deliver a seamless, customized message to audiences wherever, whenever and however they receive it.

Lionbridge Launches Oracle Responsys Application that Delivers Personalized Marketing in Every Language
Doug Kennedy

“We believe the power of connection should allow marketers to deliver truly customized moments to diverse audiences across multiple channels. As organizations continue to expand to more global audiences, language has come to the forefront of any successful campaign that spans multilingual audiences. The new Lionbridge Connector further enhances Oracle Responsys’ ability to ensure every message is both targeted and clear,” said Doug Kennedy, VP Business Development and Partner Strategy, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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Lionbridge Launches Oracle Responsys Application that Delivers Personalized Marketing in Every Languagex
Anja Schaefer

Anja Schaefer, Vice President Global Solutions, Lionbridge, added, “Oracle Responsys connects an array of data points to help marketers map a more holistic view of each individual consumer. Now more than ever, the individuals that comprise a consumer audience are more diverse, often speaking different languages or using different dialects, across disparate regions. The Lionbridge Connector strengthens the customized moments Oracle Responsys delivers to ensure valuable connections are made with every engagement.”

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Oracle Marketing Cloud provides chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their teams with data-driven solutions to simplify marketing resources and deliver more personalized customer-centric experiences across every channel to attract and retain ideal customers. These modern marketing solutions connect cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and activation, for enterprise B2B and B2C marketers on a single system of record.

Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can visit the Lionbridge Connector listing in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to install the application and begin implementing Lionbridge Connector in Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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