OverOps Ensures Continuous Reliability in Kubernetes-Based Applications

Platform Support for Kubernetes Helps Organizations Identify, Prevent and Resolve Critical Issues in Containerized Applications

OverOps, the continuous reliability solution, today announced support for Kubernetes, enabling organizations to quickly and proactively identify, prevent and resolve critical software issues in their containerized applications. With OverOps, engineering teams that rely on Kubernetes to manage their containerized workloads are able to see when, where and why code breaks in any environment. This ensures faster resolution and eliminates negative customer impact.

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As containers have rapidly increased in popularity, Kubernetes has emerged as the leader in container orchestration, making it easy and efficient to create and manage clusters or individual containers. However, while containers enable new levels of flexibility and agility in application development, they also introduce added layers of complexity that make reliability increasingly difficult.

OverOps for Kubernetes solves this challenge, ensuring rapid code changes in containerized applications don’t impact customer experience. By analyzing code at runtime, OverOps surfaces issues that are missed by traditional monitoring, logging or code analysis tools, and prioritizes the errors that need to be addressed based on criteria such as when they first appeared, how frequently they occurred and more. The platform then arms developers and DevOps teams with the complete state of the container at the moment the critical issue occurred so they can quickly reproduce and resolve errors before customers are impacted. OverOps provides a better way to handle complexity in both cloud-native and on-premises applications, eliminating reliance on verbose and manual logs that require foresight.

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“As more organizations leverage containers to build modern applications, traditional methods of maintaining software reliability are no longer sufficient,” said Tal Weiss, CTO and co-founder of OverOps. “OverOps for Kubernetes brings much-needed visibility into complex containerized environments and gives organizations confidence in the reliability of their Kubernetes-based apps.”

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